About EEC International

EEC (English Education Curriculum) International is a global educational consulting and publishing company dedicated to giving children and adults access to world-class educational opportunities by creating and providing innovative, high-quality programs and services. Its experienced educators, linguists, researchers, grant writers, and publishing professionals are committed to serving students, parents, teachers, and adults from different language and cultural backgrounds.

Since its founding in 1994, EEC International has developed and implemented a range of educational programs and professional development trainings for Yoon's English Academy in Korea, as well as other privately owned companies and educational organizations throughout the United States and Asia. We have also worked with school districts to successfully procure more than $150 million in grants to support educational program development, implementation, and evaluation.

EEC International welcomes the opportunity to work with you to develop and implement your educational products and services. We invite you to take a moment to learn about our company and to contact us if we can be of assistance.

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