EECI has an in-house full service professional studio for all your audio needs. We specialize in recording children's voices but also offer a pool of over 200 professional voice actors with voices in every age range possible. We also produce music and record singing. Our engineer has 12 years of experience in recording and directing audiobooks.

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Equipment Available


Acoustically treated vocal booth

with room for up to 8 voice actors


Pro Tools


Neuman U87 Ai

(Industry standard vocal mics)


Audio Technica AT4033a microphone

(large diaphragm condensor)


Shure SM 57 (dynamic microphone)


Summit Audio Tube Preamp

(Warm analog sound)


Summit Audio Tube Compressor

(Warm analog sound)


Yamaha NS-10M Studio Monitors


Yamaha OSR Digital Mixing Console

EECI Recording Studio

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