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Each year, EEC International develops a range of English curriculum products on behalf of Yoon's English Academy, an affiliate organization based in Seoul, Korea. These titles are featured in Yoon's Balanced English as a Foreign Language (BEFL) program that teaches English phonics, reading, oral communication, and writing to children and adults throughout South Korea. All home-study products feature an audio component, and most programs for grades 3 and above include additional opportunities for practice and extension through BEFLY, Yoon's online digital learning platform.


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Kids Phonics 1, 2, and 3 (Grades 1-2): Kids Phonics 1 is a nine-book series that introduces young learners to the letters of the English alphabet, their sounds, and their formations. Through engaging instructional exercises, chants, and games, students develop critical phonemic awareness skills. Kids Phonics 2 is a nine-book series that builds upon the knowledge acquired in Kids Phonics 1 as students explore new sound-letter relationships and blending. Decodable reading books are featured in this series, which provide opportunities for students to learn and practice decoding techniques. Kids Phonics 3 begins where Kids Phonics 2 leaves off and features more complex skills such as vowel dipthongs, consonant digraphs, and other vowel sounds. This kit also features decodable reading books and a range of educational games.

Phonics World (Grades 1-2): Phonics World is an 18-book series that teaches students the entire spectrum of English letter and sound patterns at a slightly faster pace than the Kids Phonics series. After beginning with an introduction to the English alphabet, students proceed to learn about consonant sounds, short vowels, long vowels, consonant blends, vowel dipthongs, consonant digraphs, and other vowel sounds.

Oral Communication

Yoon's Elementary English, Grades 1-6: Yoon's Elementary English is a complete six-level communication-based English instructional program for elementary students. Each level features six books containing engaging dialogues, chants, role-plays, learning activities, and games that boost students' oral communication skills. A variety of communication topics are covered, including friendly and formal greetings, introductions, asking and answering common questions, expressing wants and needs, stating opinions, commands, requesting and offering assistance, and common expressions related to shopping, dining out, and transportation. Students in grades 3-6 have additional opportunities for practice and assessment through the BEFLY online digital learning platform.



Sing Along Reading (Grade 1): This 18-book series for beginning students of English features lively stories based upon popular children's songs and rhymes. Engaging activity pages help students learn important sight words, build basic vocabulary, and increase phonemic awareness.

First Reading (Grade 2): First Reading is an 18-title series of decodable reading  books for beginning students of English.  As students build vocabulary and develop early reading skills, they apply the phonics skills acquired during their study of Kids Phonics 1 and 2 as well as the conversation skills covered in Yoon's Elementary English 1.

Fun Reading (Grade 3): This 18-book series is intended for English learners with some basic

knowledge of English. By reading these engaging pattern-based stories and completing the

corresponding pre- and post-reading activities, students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension.


Go, Go Reading (Grade 3): This 18-book series is intended for English learners with some basic knowledge of English. By reading these engaging pattern-based stories and completing the corresponding pre- and post-reading activities, students build vocabulary and increase reading comprehension.


Bookworm Reading (Grades 3-4): This supplemental reading series consists of 20 books at each

grade level based upon themes such as friends and family, house and home, school, sports, and animals.


Happy Reading (Grade 4): Happy Reading consists of nine titles organized around the themes of

the environment, community, and animals. As students improve their ability to read in English, they

build vocabulary, fluency, and writing skills.


Rainbow Reading (Grade 4): This series features 18 books organized around themes including

school, sports, nature, and courage. By reading these engaging stories and completing the

corresponding activities, students build vocabulary, fluency, and reading comprehension.


Smart Readers (Grade 5): Smart Readers features 12 stories compiled into three books based

on the themes of transportation, jobs, and teamwork. Students learn new vocabulary, explore topics

of English grammar, build fluency, and strengthen their writing skills in the context of these engaging

stories and a series of pre- and post-reading activities.

Super Readers (Grade 5): This supplemental reading series consists of 24 stories compiled into six books based on age-appropriate themes such as teamwork, jobs, nature, and adventure.


Writing Camp (Grades 3-6): Students use Yoon's branded Idea Maps to organize their ideas and complete descriptive, informational, instructional, and narrative writing assignments of increasing complexity based on age-appropriate writing samples and sentence patterns. This series includes six books at grade 3 and 12 books at grades 4-6. Students at each grade level can access the BEFLY online learning platform for additional practice and to submit their writing for review and evaluation by instructors.

Rainbow Writing (Grades 3-8):  Rainbow Writing is a six-level writing series that effectively blends independent study and teacher-led classroom instruction. Students use Yoon's branded Idea Maps to learn new vocabulary and  to complete prewriting tasks before proceeding to write descriptive, informational, instructional, narrative, and persuasive paragraphs and essays. Program includes student workbooks, teachers resource CDs, and online practice and assessment activities via the BEFLY online learning platform.

Current Projects

English Ocean and English Plus, two content-based reading series that teach critical mathematics, science, and social studies vocabulary and sentence patterns to students in grades 1-2

Bookworm Reading, Grades 1-2, features 20 decodable, pattern-based stories based on themes such as numbers, shapes, colors, friends, pets, and school

English Forest, a year-long, center-based instructional program that teaches phonics, reading, oral communication, grammar, and writing to students in grades 1-6

GATE (Gifted and Talented English) Program, a year-long, center-based instructional series for advanced English Language Learners in grades 3-6 based on four three-month modules: Power Writing, Read to Write, Power Project, and Power Talking

Writing Camp, Grade 7, a 12-book series that provides students with a structured approach to completing common middle-school writing assignments including short stories, biographies, informational articles, compare-and-contrast essays, book reports, and persuasive essays

Speech and Debate, an oral communication series for Grades 7-9 that helps students improve their presentation and argumentation skills

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