Over the years, thousands of students and teachers from the U.S. and Korea have taken part in EEC International's education programs. We currently offer two programs that provide opportunities for students to learn English while developing an appreciation of American society and culture.


The Explore America Program is open to Korean students ages 10-14 who want to improve their English language skills and experience life in the U.S. Students come to California for two weeks to participate in language classes and take part in cultural exchanges with American students. They also visit a range of historic, cultural, and entertainment sites.

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English Town Camp


Every winter and summer, hundreds of Korean students ages 10-14 travel to Okchon, Korea, to attend English Town Camp, which is co-hosted by our Korean affiliate company, Yoon's English Academy. English Town Camp is an innovative, weeklong English language immersion program that reinforces listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills previously acquired by students.


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